A cup of coffee is a daily experience that takes a year to prepare. The ripening of the fruit, processing of the beans, and the transport, are all steps that require months and months of work, before coffee can be roasted, bagged, or brewed. These months are often the most important, in terms of achieving and maintaining the highest quality in a coffee bean.  Therefore, our team is composed of full time professionals, who work year round to fill the responsibilities of coffee growing, milling and export. Quality in a cup of coffee is in all 365 days of the year, and our dedicated staff work hard to preserve that quality, day in and day out. 


Flor Rodriguez  Santa Tecla   Chief Financial Officer

Flor Rodriguez Herrera
Santa Tecla 
Financial Manger

Fermin Face-1.jpg

Farm Manager

Policarpo Flores    Santa Ana     Operations Manager
Emilio Lopez Diaz     Santa Ana    Director of Operations

Emilio Lopez Diaz
San Salvador
General Manager

Elmer Santos Perez    Juayua    Quality Control

Elmer Santos Perez
La Majada
Quality Control


Neyson Ramirez  Santa Ana Farm Accountant

Neyson Ramirez 
Santa Ana 
Farm Accountant

Hilda  de Carmen Rivera Sandoval San Salvador     Logistics

Hilda Rivera 
Santa Tecla
Export Logistics


Oscar  Manuel Martinez   Ayutepeque  Driver

Oscar M. Martinez

Pedro Adan Reyes  Santa Ana  Maintenance & Driers

Pedro Adan Reyes 
Santa Ana 
Patio and Warehouse

Cesar Alfredo Cruz Lopez    Juayua     Dry Mill Operator

Cesar Alfredo Lopez
Dry Mill Operator

Elmer  Adalberto Calzadilla   Juayua    Wet Mill Supervisor
Milton Abraham Ramos  Juayua  Drier Supervisor

Milton Abraham
Patio and Warehouse