In 2001, at a time when coffee producers were experiencing some of the worst economic conditions in history, our founder, Emilio Lopez decided to get into the business. For six generations, his family had been growing coffee in the volcanic hills of El Salvador, and the question of how to continue that story is how we got our start. Cuatro M was born out of legacy, as well as the need for something new and unique. Family tradition is at our core, yet innovation is what drives us forward. 

We installed our first washing station at Finca Ayutepeque, and began processing coffee on the farm where it was produced. This gave us control over our own coffee from farm to export, allowing us to trace each bean back to the lot where it was grown.  Little by little, we gained insight into what the consuming side of the coffee industry was looking for: more great coffee. 

In 2005, we expanded operations to another family owned farm, Finca El Manzano. Beneficio El Manzano was constructed, continuing the legacy of processing family grown coffee, while giving birth to innovation with the installation of a new, state of the art wet mill. 

The new mill gave us the opportunity to experiment with different processing methods, as well as receive additional coffees from neighboring farms; and within a few years, Natural, Pulp Natural and Washed coffees filled the drying patios at El Manzano, gaining global recognition. Importers, roasters, and cafe owners came to see our operation first hand, and direct relationships were built. Soon, our coffees were being roasted and served on five continents, at numerous coffee shops.

Not long after, relationships began to extend beyond the importer, and even beyond the roaster, to the baristas themselves. This collaboration, of coffee and milling from El Manzano, has contributed to three different national barista championships, and three performances on the World Barista Championship stage.

Today we seek to better understand our history, while constantly striving to uncover the many questions of coffee production and trade. We continue to process 100% of the coffee we produce, are committed to those same relationships that gave us our start, and search for other unique coffee growers who are just as passionate as we are.  We tell their stories and help to develop their coffee quality and relationships, through the same commitment and transparency we value as producers. 

Our goal will always be the same: more great coffee. It is the story of of how we got here, and continues to write our path for the future.