Our goal has always been, to discover the best coffee around. We believe this takes place at the farm, mill, and tasting level of the supply chain.

Quality begins at the farm, and we work with committed farmers, willing to invest in their crop before, during, and after the harvest season. We encourage and support practices that increase both yields and cup quality. These are factors which require involvement years in advance, commitment and financing, from the planting of the best varieties, to the pruning, fertilization and harvesting methods for each and every tree, within each and every farm. 

 At the wet and dry mill, quality is maintained, and we measure everything, from the grade of the cherries, to the production ratios from cherry to green coffee. Every step of our process is certified to make sure that each variable of production is managed by the highest standards of quality. Our coffee is washed, dried, and sorted with the most advanced machinery; and our level of cleanliness and professionalism is second to none. 

The perfection and delivery of quality, happens in the lab. Our lab is managed by professionals, trained in every aspect of specialty coffee, from green coffee grading, to roasting, brewing and cupping. Sensory analysis is performed on every single batch of coffee, and is carried out according to protocol dictated by the specialty coffee industries of the world.

Coffee that passes through our mill is traceable, from the lot of the farm in which it was grown, to the tasting profile on the bag it is sold in. No detail is forgotten, and every ounce of quality is preserved, to the last sip in your mug.