From the beginning, experimentation has been at the forefront of what we do. There are so many variables within coffee production and processing, and we seek to highlight those in our work.

Which elements of farming and processing effect the flavors of coffee? How can we discover new characteristics in coffee by improving the processing methods? These are questions we constantly ask, and seek to answer in our day to day operations. 

Each of the articles, essays and presentations, were written by or are featuring, the staff and operations of Cuatro M. 


'Three Varieties in El Salvador: Production & Potential' 
April, 2014 - by Emilio Lopez & Michael Kaiser


'Coffee Leaf Rust in El Salvador: then, now, and from here on' 

April, 2013 - by Michael Kaiser

'Recycled waste, transformation, & the long tail of sustainability' 

May, 2013 - by Michael Kaiser


Collaboration in Competition: An Interview with U.S. Barista Champion Laila Ghambari and her Team

September, 2014 - Specialty Coffee Chronicle: Issue No. 4 

'Less and Less a Bull's-eye to Hit, More and More the bull to Catch' 

November, 2013 - Specialty Coffee Chronicle: Issue No. 5 - by Michael Kaiser

Defining Specialty, an Origin Perspective' 

July, 2012 - Specialty Coffee Chronicle: Issue No. 3 - by Emilio Lopez