Finca Talnamica: Ahuachapan, El Salvador

Today we introduce Finca Talnamica, the final farm from our partners the Ortiz Herrera brothers and sisters; who also own Fincas NataMaya, San Luis and San Jorge. Finca Talnamica sits on the edge of the Apaneca-Illamatepec mountain range, facing the Pacific Ocean.  At 1,375 meters, the farm boasts a beautiful view of over one hundred kilometers of coastland. It is nestled directly in between the western towns of Apaneca and Ataco, in the department of Ahuachapan.

This is our third harvest processing coffee from this farm, which was founded by the siblings' father, Alfredo Ortiz Mancia.  Alfredo acquired a small piece of property in the area during the 1950's.  Over the years, Finca Talnamica became Alfredo's passion, and he continued to purchase neighboring land, slowly increasing the total farm area. Today, the farm is just over 122 hectares. Nearly ninety percent is planted with Bourbon and Pacas varieties, and the remaining ten percent with the rust resistant Colombian Castillo variety. 

All coffee is grown under large shade trees, the majority of which are Ingas, and is further protected by a series of windbreaks, made up of Copalchi plants.  Large Liquidambars, and Melaleauca trees, (believed to have been brought by Alfredo from Israel), line the perimeter of the property.  Additionally, family members and farmers are cultivating a number of medicinal plants in their small gardens within the property.  The farm is home to a waterhole and a small creek, that are protected with thick native vegetation.  

The siblings are very involved with the local community of Shucutitan, where the farm resides. Currently, they have a partnership with the NGO, Fundesyram, which teaches community members how to compost organic domestic residues and grow home vegetable gardens. Additionally, the family provides the salaries for two teachers at the local school, and has also assisted in the development of a women's micro-business.     

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