XELTRON 3000 RTK Color Sorter - Arrives in El Salvador

We just received a call from El Salvador's Comalapa International Airport: that the new color sorter has arrived. Needless to say, we are stoked! 

Made by XELTRON, a grain and seed sorting machinery manufacturer with it's headquarters in Costa Rica, the sorter will be an addition to our dry mill. 

With more specs and photos to come upon arrival, we'll include here, some of the data provided by XELTRON on their website. 

Courtesy of XELTRON:

The unique and exclusive electronic machine for coffee beans color sorting specifically designed to adjust to the needs of medium-sized enterprises. 

This equipment shows the features and benefits listed below: 


  • Trichromatic analysis system, full 360 degree vision. Extreme precision in grain sorting. 
  • Three channels of rotating rollers that achieve a perfect alignment thus enabling high levels of sorting. 
  • High production per channel, between 420 and 540 kg per hour, for medium size grains. 
  • A proven model with many channels working around the world. 

Technical Specifications 




Length: 1419 mm 

Width: 700 mm 

Height: 1750 mm


Amount of Channels: 




Power: 220 VAC 50-60

Compressed air/Channel: 2.5 CFM




Power/Channel: 100 W 




Hour/Channel: between 140 and 180 kg.t