Week Seven: Harvest 2012 - 2013 - (Belco, Acaia, Topeca Coffee, and Welcome to Don Campos).

Trying to keep up with the pace of harvest is difficult.  We look back on another week passed, and are ourselves amazed to be putting together pre-shipment samples for exports in December.

Already into another week, we remember the visitors and experiment from our seventh week of harvest. 


Early in the week, we were privileged to host a group of 10 people, traveling with French importers: Belco, at El Manzano. 

Since their departure, we have been in communication with them, and are hoping to send some premium coffees to France 

within the coming months; including some special experiments with multiple processing methods. We are excited to see some of the El Manzano Project experiments in Europe for our friends and roasters based there. 


On that same Tuesday, at our 1,100 meter plantation, Finca Ayutepeque, we were harvesting a brand new variety to El Salvador: Acaia. Picking over 60 bags of cherry, it has been sun drying on the patio now for a week, and we look forward to getting it into the lab for analysis and cupping. 

Also arriving to the mill with the 1,100 meter Acaia, was the same variety of coffee, grown at 1,300 meters. Two years ago, Emilio had just over 50 trees planted near depulping station at El Manzano, in a lot named 'El Tanque,' since it' borders the water tanks. 

Our experiment will be to analyze the effect of altitude on cup profile: looking at the exact same variety of coffee and seeds, planted at different altitudes, approximately 250 meters in difference. 

Topeca Coffee Roasters

The final surprise of the week, was a visit from John (Chip) & Margarita Gaberino, of Topeca Coffee Roasters in Tulsa, OK; who flew into El Salvador to surprise Margarita's father for his birthday on Saturday. 

Family and the closest of friends with everyone here at the mill, we had an awesome time catching up with each of them, cupping the freshest batches of the harvest, and looking forward to coffees coming this month and next; soon to fill their roaster in Oklahoma; and newest coffee shop in Tulsa: 'Hodges Bend,' set to open this December. (see more on the cafes Facebook page). 

Don Campos

To the present week, we welcome Tristram Cox, of Don Campos Coffee in Sydney, Australia, to El Manzano, and look forward to an awesome week with him, traveling throughout El Salvador and experiencing everything there is to learn at origin. 

From Week 7 of harvest at El Manzano, cheers.