Week One: Harvest 2012 - 2013 - Two days of depulping, & the dry mill install

With some coffee already bagged and stacked in the warehouse, much of which was harvested and received in weeks prior, simply as a proactive response to the breakout of rust within some of the plantations surrounding El Manzano, we mark the beginning of the harvest for our plantations and those we receive coffee from.

Monday and Tuesday of this week, we received coffee from Finca El Naranjo, however, with those two batches spread out on the patio, we wont again receive coffee from any plantation until next Monday, at which point, we will begin full harvest, receiving ripe cherries from three plantations, including Fincas Ayutepeque, El Manzano, & El Naranjo.

While the depulping station awaits more coffee, we continue the installation of our new dry mill, placing the machines at a different end of the warehouse, in order to make the process of loading and unloading the warehouse more efficient. Each machine will soon be permanently fashioned into the tile floor of the warehouse, including a new mechanized sorter, that will work to sort out defects from the green coffee.

Once placed, fashioned, and wired, we will be polished and ready for this years harvest, and are excited to see the preparatory stages coming to a close, and the cherries arriving at the mill.

From week one of harvest at El Manzano, cheers.