Week Eight: Harvest 2012 - 2013 - Tristram Cox of Don Campos (Sydney, AUS).

It is common to hear of importers and roasters visiting the farm and mill here at El Manzano, however, this week, we had the rare privilege of hosting the co-owner of a coffee shop in Sydney, Australia; who specializes exclusively in the management and operation of the coffee shop end of the specialty scene.

Tristram Cox, of Don Campos Specialty Brewing Bar, spent the last eight days working alongside our team at Finca & Beneficio El Manzano, experiencing and taking part in everything from the harvesting and sorting of the coffee to the processing, drying, sample roasting and cupping of batches in production.

Perhaps the most exciting day of the week, came at the very end, Saturday, where we had the opportunity to cup the batch of coffee from Finca El Manzano, that we had been harvested and processed the previous Monday, spending two days on the patios and two more in the horizontal rotating drier.

Departing this afternoon with multiple samples of green coffee to take back to his shop and partners, Campos Coffee Roasters, we remain with his excitement, and the desire to answer his pursuit of understanding and development within the coffee bar scene, with the highest quality of grown and processed coffee.

We are excited to see some of the ideas he expressed and questions asked over the passed week, play out in the coming months and years, setting the tone in many ways, for the entire specialty coffee industry.

From week eight of harvest at El Manzano, Cheers.