Week 4 - Harvest 2012 - 2013: Full Patios to Enzymes


By this close of this week, the lower patio has been officially filled. Corner to corner, wall to wall, batch to batch, every patio tile now seasoned with parchment of the new harvest.

With batches increasing in size, we near the climax of the HG harvest, with the bulk of the coffee being delivered from Ayutepeque and other farms below 1,200 meters.


Along with the red bourbon arriving from most of the lower elevation plantations, we made our first pass through the experimental lot at Finca El Manzano, which is at an elevation of 1,300 meters, in Lot El Palmero. Of three varieties planted there, the yellow bourbon was the only one ready for an initial picking, which we are, as always, extremely excited to cup, since it is such a limited quantity at the farm. A small quantity at first, the two bags collected now continue their third day of drying on the patio.


Last night, we also began a new year in experimentation with enzymes, using three different types of liquid enzymes to compare with one control. It will be interesting observe the results of this years sample fermentation tanks, as they give us much greater control over the fermentation speed and process.

As the fermentation cycle finishes on this first run, we head down to the washing station to rinse, and spread them onto the raised beds. (Stay posted for more info and results of our fifth experiment of the harvest).

From week three of harvest at El Manzano, with full patios and new farms ahead, cheers.