Week 3: Harvest 2012 - 2013 - New farm (Finca El Salvador) & Herkimer Coffee

We apologize for being a few days behind on our update, but we have much to report, including a new farm we will be processing coffee from, and a thank you to Scott Richardson of Herkimer Coffee in Seattle, for an awesome few days at El Manzano. 

After meeting up with Scott, Wednesday evening,  at the El Salvador International Airport, we were able to make it back into town, in town to spend a few hours catching up over El Salvador seafood, which included a lively plate of conchas, as well as other popular, national seafood. 

Finca El Salvador

Thursday morning, we were all up early to visit a new farm in Santa Ana, that we will be receiving coffee from this harvest: Finca El Salvador. 

Owned by Rudolfo Ruffatti, the farm in on the north side of the hills running from the Santa Ana Volcano; facing the El Salvador - Guatemalan border. The farm runs from 1,200 - 1,700 meters, and produces almost 100% bourbon, with Typica & Pacas scattered throughout the farm. We are excited to work with the owners, who have been farming there for many years, and were awarded the Cup of Excellence honor in 2005.

A complete description is available from the Cup of Excellence website, however, we will post some of the specific information here. 

Farm: El Salvador

Farmer: Rodolfo Alessandro Ruffatti Paz

COE Rank: 10 

City: Santa Ana

Region: Chalchuapa

Farm Size: 70.00 Hectares

Coffee Growing Area: 63.00 Hectares 

Altitude: 1,200 - 1,700 meters above sea level 

Variety: Bourbon

International Jury Score: 87.26

Coffee Description: clean, sweet, very consistent, milk chocolate, pleasant aftertaste, good balance, maple, orange, citrus. 

The harvest from this plantation, will begin in December. 

Scott Richardson (Herkimer Coffee

For the next two days, we had the privilege of hosting Scott Richardson of Herkimer Coffee, at El Manzano. A long standing relationship, we have been able to work with Herkimer and Atlas Coffee Importers to produce a special blend of coffee, called the 'Flor de Izote' blend. 

Since Friday was a national holiday here in El Salvador, we were able to enjoy a barbecue Thursday, eating, drinking, talking, and resting in the general quiet nature of a relaxed evening at the mill; the few sounds coming only from the rotating dryers, which echo more or less like the rolling of waves along a beach front.   

During the day Friday, we toured each of the farms, cupped the freshest batches coming from the patios, and worked alongside/watched, entranced, as Scott pieced in new parts he'd brought along with him from Seattle, for the Marzocco G3 espresso machine in our lab. We cannot thank him enough for the parts and time, to get our beloved machine working again. 

A sunset departure from El Manzano, found us back in San Salvador by Friday night dinner time, seated on a balcony in Zona Rosa, discussing many aspects of processing, experimentation, times passed and future work together.

We appreciate your visit Scott, and look forward to staying in touch. 

From week three of the harvest at El Manzano, and more to come on the four way processing experiment, cheers.