Visit to Producer: Finca Valle de Oro

Over the course of the year, Cuatro M visits each of its individual growers throughout El Salvador. These visits typically span an entire day, and sometimes weeks, as we work with growers to recommend different methods of production, pruning, and overall control of the plantation. Visiting a farm is also a means for us to build stronger relationships and confidence with each of the growers, as well as project the overall harvest to be expected, in order for us to plan on how much coffee we will receive from each specific plantation, and set the terms of the contracts signed with each of the farmers. 

One of these visits was made to Finca Valle de Oro, located in La Majada Sonsonate. Owned by Roberto Trabanino, the plantation is an HG plantation, that recently replanted 100% of its land with a variety of coffee called Cuscatleco.

The visit entailed meetings with the owner and farmer at the plantation and careful analysis of each plot within the plantation, discussing the range of problems faced by growers in El Salvador, such as insects, rust, and extended rains. Trees were inspected and estimates were made to the total harvest to be expected this year, in order to estimate the overall effectiveness of the various practices being performed with the trees at the plantation. 

Here is a short summary clip about our visit, and walk through of the plantation, capturing much of the scenery and personality of the farm, as well as those who work the land on which the coffee grows.