Unloading New Machinery at BODESA, imports warehouse

This year at Beneficio El Manzano, we will be adding two new pieces of machinery to our operation. 

The first of which is a Pinhalense 40 bag horizontal rotating dryer, and the other a complete dry mill, including a parchment huller and weight, size, and densimetric graders. 

The new dryer will be positioned parallel to the other guardiola already in place, and will feed the same bucket elevator and hopper; however, will be used exclusively for microlot coffees, which we will be able to monitor and control the entire drying process for up to 40 bag batches. 

Having a rotating dryer capable of holding smaller batches, will also give us more freedom to experiment with the smaller, specialty lots coming out of the farms, as it will be easier to fit produce batches that can be split between dryer and patio, or raised bed, etc. 

The new dry mill will also join the existing one within the parchment warehouse, however will have the capacity to hull and grade a substantially greater quantity of coffee, enabling us to have coffees prepared and ready for export much more quickly and efficiently. 

A myriad of parts making up both machines were imported to El Salvador this passed weekend, beginning the long task of taking inventory of nearly 300 intricate pieces of machinery, nuts, bolds, etc. This began Monday, and by Wednesday, all of the machinery was accounted for and ready to be picked up form the imports warehouse, called BODESA, along the road to the Libertad Port. 

We arrived around lunchtime with a crew of nine, and proceeded over the course of three hours to load each piece into the three trucks we had taken along to the warehouse. A few moments of concern, reconfiguring trucks beds, and several glasses of water later, we were back on the road to El Manzano with all of the machinery secured in the beds; which upon arriving, was unloaded, and tucked into the warehouses to await installation. 

Overall, an enjoyable day we were glad to see safely and successfully finished. Here are a few photos from our work.