Second picking of the Santa Rosa Acaia


If one hasn't noticed from our consistently updated photos, blogs, and cupping notes; we'll say it again: we are excited about the Ayutepeque Santa Rosa Acaia. 

Santa Rosa is 12,000 tree, sun grown lot in Finca Ayutepeque, that we picked for the second time this harvest, just this passed Monday. At the end of the day, 66 sacs of cherry had been collected, which we processed via the washed method that night, and now sun dries on the patio. 

We will likely make one more pass on the trees to pick any cherries that have still yet to ripen, however, likely made our biggest pass this week; which we are excited to showcase to folks visiting our cupping lab at the mill; since it is still in its early development, as a brand new variety in El Salvador. 

Updates to come; however we hope you enjoy some photos from Monday's picking and processing.