New Reservoir Project Underway

    Beginning early last week, construction of a new reservoir system broke ground at El Manzano. 

    Throughout the harvest, all water used within the operation to process coffee is rainwater, meaning that the rainy season is crucial, in order to collect enough water to last the entire harvest. 

    As of now, approximately a half million gallons is collected each year within the tanks spread throughout the beneficio, channeling water from the rooftops of buildings within the operation; however, this is still insufficient to supply enough water for processing the total volume of coffee we receive, this year surpassing 1.4 million pounds of green exportable. 

    Therefore, Cuatro M has begun constructing neighboring reservoirs for each of the drying patios, to channel the water that gathers on its flat surface into holding tanks. 

    So far, the first of these reservoirs has been completed at the upper patios, as construction now gets underway for the second; involving the clearing of all coffee and shade trees in order to open up space next to the patio. The next step will include leveling out the area with the tractor, before beginning the digging phase of the construction.