Mill Maintanence

A few of many parts being removed from their respective machines, to be cleaned at Beneficio El Manzano, as we close in on less that two months away from another harvest.

All of the pictures parts here, are from the depulping station, or, better stated, are the machines with which the cherry and mucilage are removed from the parchment, during the wet milling process. Since the cherries are mucilage are so acidic, the machines and parts begin to wear and corrode, progressively more and more as the harvest moves on.

In the off months of the rainy season, each individual part is removed from the machine.It will be cleaned, sanded, and repainted or polished before being reassembled with the rest of the parts. Between mechanical syphon, buckets elevators, green coffee separators, depulpers, rotating screens, and mucilage removers; by mid week, the station platform will likely be covered with various parts, littered about on sheets of plastic or cardboard, drying. Also, in analyzing the machinery, screens are replaced, hoses are refitted, tears in the metal linkage are welded back together, etc, etc.

They will then be reassembled, aligned and adjusted, and tested to make sure each is functioning properly, and in a way which is not damaging to the coffee. A meticulous and lengthy task, and yet a reminder that the harvest is again approaching, thus a welcomed one.