Micro lot Guardiola Installed

Our newest piece of machinery, a 20 bag horizontal rotating dryer, was installed this passed Friday afternoon.

Functioning identically to its bigger sister, burning parchment as a means of generating heat, which circulates evenly throughout the drum as it rotates; this dryer will enable us to process smaller batches, exclusively for each of our micro lots we receive throughout the harvest.

We are also excited to see how having a mechanical dryer of this size will play into some of the experimentation that we began last harvest, measuring the influence of drying method on final cup quality.

A guardiola is the spanish word for a horizontal rotating dryer

Here are some photos of the installation that spanned several weeks, including a trip to and from the imports warehouse, unloading, and technical installation of the large perforated cylinder. After the long process, we're excited to be finished, and now await our first batches of the harvest, until we can fill it for its first load.