Harvesting the Varieties: Year Three - Yellow & Red Bourbon, Pacamara (Full Wash & Pulp Natural)


For the third year running, we are beginning to harvest and process three varieties of coffee from the same lot, side by side: Yellow Bourbon, Red Bourbon, and Pacamara, all picked form the same lot, El Palmero.

By the afternoon, we had collected an even six sacs of Pacamara, seven of the Yellow Bourbon, and seven of the Red Bourbon.

Delivered to the mill side by side, we loaded each seperately into the hopper and processed both the Pacamara and Yellow Bourbon, via the pulp-natural method, while machine mashing the red bourbon with the rest of the batch that had been gathered for the day from the other half of Lot #1.

An exciting part of the experiment this year, will be the capacity to full wash a larger quantity of the varieties. Using our sample ferment tanks, we were able to gather roughly 30 pounds of wet parchment from each of the varieties; which we allowed to ferment over the course of the evening; washing them the following afternoon (20 hour ferment), and spreading them out to dry on the raised beds.

Already noting how well the Red and Yellow Bourbon have been performing on the cupping table, we're excited to get our first perspective on this years Pacamara, which changes dramatically every year since the trees are still so young, with only 6 years of growth.

Planted just six years ago, the coffees from Lot El Palmero seem to get better and better every year. Our hope is to cup them the Saturday before Christmas, alongside the other varieties.

For the experiment, we'll finish by analyzing six total samples:

1). Pacamara Full Wash

2). Pacamara Pulp Natural

3). Yellow Bourbon Full Wash

4). Yellow Bourbon Pulp Natural

5). Red Bourbon Machine Wash

6). Red Bourbon Full Wash

If all goes according to plan, Santa Claus should arrive earlier than expected to El Manzano; delivering one of the most vibrant cuppings of the harvest.