Germany brings blue skies to El Manzano.

Over the course of the passed two days, we have been privileged to host Tomas Boettner, of Germany, in his first ever visit to a coffee farm and mill. 

Tomas recently began his travels in El Salvador, and will continue through Central America en route to his final destination of Brazil, with hopes to see multiple aspects and methods of coffee growing and processing, before returning to Europe, where he will begin a Master's Degree in Coffee Science. 

As the harvest is in full swing, Tomas was along for the ride, as we made visits to analyze the various lots of sun grown Acaia at Finca Ayutepeque, as well as the newly planted lot of Pacamara, also at Ayutepeque. 

Along with the farming, at the mill we began a new experiment in Fermentation, which included five total samples, the specifics and results of which we will save for a later post. However, we were able to observe the various effects of difference elements within fermentation, as well as the natural fermentation process, acting as the control within our experiment. 

Those samples now dry on the raised beds, and await analyzation and cupping in the coming days and weeks. We're not sure if he brought it along with him, but Tomas arrived just in time for the sunniest first days of summer; which makes great conditions for drying, and enjoying the scenery around El Manzano and Santa Ana. 

All the best Tomas, and we hope you all enjoy some of the photos from our passed few days.