French importer Belco, visits El Manzano

Tuesday afternoon, we were honored  to host French coffee importers, Belco, at Finca & Beneficio El Manzano. 

Traveling with a group of eight coffee roasters and cafe owners from various cities and regions of France, they arrived at the mill early enough before lunch, just in time for a taste of El Salvador's finest sweet bread, and brewed Finca El Manzano, from Lot 4A - El Puerton. 

After two tables of six samples from various farms and processing methods, lunch, and a tour of the mill; the day concluded with conversation on the deck overlooking Finca El Manzano, a beautiful spot to talk about quality coffee, development of the industry in France, and the need and potential with  a market based around relationships. 

They soon loaded up and were off to visit another El Salvadoran coffee producer by early evening. 

Notes on three coffees from Beneficio El Manzano that really stood out on the table: 

1). Finca El Manzano - (Lot El Belloto). Process: Washed & Patio Dried. 

2). Finca El Manzano - (Lot El Angulo). Process: Pulp Natural & Dried on Raised Beds. 

3). Finca El Manzano (30%) & Ayutepeque (70%) Blend. Process: Pulp Natural & Patio Dried. 

We were honored by the opportunity to host you all for the afternoon and sincerely look forward to beginning what we hope will be a long lasting relationship. Best wishes in the rest of your travels, and we hope to see you again soon. 

Some photos from the afternoon.