First day of picking at Finca El Manzano: Lot #1 - "Carbonera"

Harvest really came into full life here at Beneficio El Manzano, as we began to see the first cherries arriving from Finca El Manzano.

The first day of picking gathered over 10 sacs of cherries from Lot #1 - "Carbonera," the lowest elevation lot at the farm, just above 1,200 meters, running west to east, from just below the mill down the highway, with its outer borders formed by two valleys on each of the north and southern ends of plantation. 

Walking through the lot to observe the first picking, ripened cherries speckled all corners of the trees, beginning a melody of harvest that will be sung for the next four and one half months, although, interbranched with green, still ripening cherries, reminding us that the best is yet to come. 

Now that the cherries have been weighed we head down to the hoppers and depulping station to work the nights washing; to the tune of syphons and patio carts.