Emilio in the Northwest: Roasters Guild Retreat 2012 - Skamania Lodge, WA

Starting Thursday, Emilio will be participating in the 12th Annual Roaster's Guild Retreat, this year hosted at Skamania Lodge, in Washington State. As a newly elected member to the Roasters Guild Executive Council, he will also be participating the board meeting prior to the Retreat. 

At last years Retreat, Emilio had the chance to give a presentation on the El Manzano Project, and its first edition, highlighting the effects of processing on final cup quality. During this presentation, Emilio was able to showcase all four of the processed coffees, in a cupping, which concluded the presentation, and kicked off a discussion on the role of experimentation within coffee processing. 

This year, as one of several lead instructors within the Roasters Guild, Emilio will be teaching a class titled, "Basics of Coffee Processing," highlighting each of the six steps within coffee processing, from farming to export. This is a part of the Roasters Guild Certification program, and serves as credit within the completion of that curriculum. The class is part of the 'Green Coffee Buyer' track, one of three offered within the retreat to attendees.

As the week rolls on, we should hear more about the events within the retreat, leading up to the class to be held on Saturday.