Cupping the first batch of natural process, and more to come


Today the patios were streaks of red, orange, and yellow, as they were filled from one corner to the next with three different process methods, the pulp natural from Ayutepeque nearing its final day of drying, washed coffees from Fincas San Antonio and Valle de Oro, and the fresh naturals from last night: both arriving from Ayutepeque, but seperated by variety: bourbon and acaia. 

As long as we have the right weather and sufficient patio space, our intention is to continue processing much of the HG coffee, arriving from Finca Ayutepeque, naturally; as the results have been fantastic. 

Today we had the opportunity to cup the first batch of natural processed coffee coming off the patios. The farms were Ayutepeque and El Manzano, and the cup profile showed a clean blueberry on the aroma, with watermelon and strawberries to the finish.