Coffee Rust, and its effect in El Salvador

Following reports of outbreaks of rust in the countries of Guatemala & Honduras, El Salvador announced that they were likewise facing similar issues with the outbreak, which some have already called the worst in a decade. 

The Prensa Latina reports below, as posted by Geostrategic Forecasting. 

"The Agricultural Suppliers Association (APA) of El Salvador today [18 Sep 2012] warned of a major outbreak of rust in coffee plantations in the country, a situation that also affects neighbouring Guatemala and Honduras. They said the national infection rate is around 30 percent, but in some areas has reached 60 percent. The biggest impact is reported in the western and northern areas.

The bad winter (rainy season from May to October) coupled with a lack of early warning led to perfect conditions for fungal growth. The outbreak is the worst in the last decade. The coffee harvest could be lower than expected, given the impact of rust.

Raul Zaldana, president of the Salvadoran Foundation for Coffee Research (Procafe), said the outbreak will have a “terrible impact”, but said it was still too early to determine by how much production could be reduced."