Visit to Finca Santa Teresita

    The history at Finca Santa Teresita runs deep within the soil; purchased as many as 90 years ago, and former home to what would become one of El Salvador’s most famous mills, El Molino. The plantation is now owned and run by Mauricio Alvarez, a descendent of the original owners and settlers there. 

    Finca Santa Teresita is a High Grown or (HG) Plantation, with an altitude from 900 to 1000 meters. Located within the hills outside of Congo, in Santa Ana, El Salvador, the plantation is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, and is one of the primary supplier of HG coffees to Cuatro M; averaging an annual 120,000 pounds of green exportable coffee. This makes up around 10% of Cuatro M’s total export. 

    Emilio Lopez of Cuatro M, spent Thursday morning touring Finca Santa Teresita. He and Mauricio, his uncle, and owner of the plantation, discussed this years harvest, coffee quality, ripeness, the recent rains, and anticipated yields. 

    The plantation is comprised solely of the Pacas variety, which tends to ripen later than most other coffee varietals, and as a result was not damaged by the 10 days rainfall experienced in late October. 

    The later, three days of rainfall however, that came just two weeks ago in November, brining over 20 millimeters of water, did affect the plantation, considering that many of the cherries had reached their optimum ripeness, and as a result, experienced swelling and damage. 

    Despite this fact, the plantation is expecting a greater harvest than anticipated, welcoming news to Emilio and Cuatro M. 

    On top of the that, the cherries are looking healthy, and are being harvested in quantities nearing 300 sacs per day; more than filling the total weight that can be handled by the scale at Beneficio El Manzano; requiring two weights to be taken for the trucks arriving from Mauricio’s plantations. 

    Overall, the visit was a success, and again confirmed our hopes for an exceptional harvest.