Visit to Finca Santa Isabel

    On Wednesday, December 14, Cuatro M made a visit to a plantation and mill in western El Salvador. Located on the slopes of the San Miguel volcano, the plantation ranges in altitude from 1,000 to 1,700 meters above sea level. 

    The mill operates very similarly to Cuatro M, using Pinhalense machinery, and processes over a million pounds of coffee each year. The mill at Finca Santa Isabel however, does not received coffees from any other plantations, only its own. 

    Having such a wide range of altitude at its own plantation however, means that it is still processing coffee for many months, into late march, as coffees at the higher altitudes ripen later in the year. 

    A great relationship exists between the owner of the mill and Cuatro M’s Emilio Lopez Diaz, and the mill operates very similarly to our own, however, there is still a lot to observe and learn from different operations, where practices and machinery can be slightly different, and thereby produce different results in the coffees.