Quality Control, lab sample roasters installed

    In the cupping room at the mill lab, a new desk was constructed today, allowing us to complete the installations of the previous and new, Diedrich IR-1 sample roasters. 

    These roasters are used within our lab to sample the cup quality of every batch of coffee processed at the Beneficio El Manzano. Samples are taken in two forms. 

    The first type is taken every Monday, from all coffees submitted on that day. We call these samples, 'Yield Batches', where we measure out 2,000 grams of cherries submitted by farmers, and process the entire sample together, whereas the processing equipment at the mill, would divide every coffee into four qualities. Instead, each 'Yield Batch' keeps every quality of cherry together. 

    Processing the sample in this manner, provides us with the opportunity to measure the quality of the coffee, exactly as it was submitted by the farmer, as we de-pulp, dry, hull, roast, and cup it as one distinct yield batch. 

    The second type of sampling performed at the mill, is to hull and roast sample coffees from the warehouses, as they would be, and hulled and roasted by consumers. This type of sampling, measures out 1,000 grams of every batch of parchment coffee, processed at the mill, and provides us the opportunity to measure the quality of the coffee as it will be sold to importers and roasters around the world. 

    Sampling the coffees in both of these manners, enables every level of coffee production, the grower, processor, and roaster, to view, understand, and compare the qualities of coffees, in the final cup, 1). as they were submitted to the mill by the farmer, and 2). as they were processed by Beneficio El Manzano, and await export.