Nomination to the Roaster’s Guild Executive Council

    I want to start by extending a thanks to the Roaster’s Guild for the nomination, and congratulations to each of the other candidates for your work and success. This is an honor, and I am proud to be considered a candidate. 

    Here are a few of the things that, I believe, would make me a valuable contributor to the Council. 

    I have been an active and consistent member of the Roasters Guild since it’s founding, and have built and developed effective relationships with many of the other members. My experiences within the coffee industry are broad, from building and developing nurseries within our plantations that I help to manage; to creating custom coffees for roasters and baristas. 

    Living and working in El Salvador, I have been able to host visits to the plantation and mill from Cup of Excellence, as well as during Roaster Guild trips to origin, while contributing to a better understanding of the experiences and realities of producers, millers, and exporters, as well as the overall development of coffee throughout its production. My experiences can help to provide insight into different methods of processing and their effects on the overall quality of coffees. 

    I will continue to provide a source of research and experimentation, while developing and sharing the conclusions of those experiments, through different sources of publishing and media. I am also able to use these findings to contribute to the development of curriculum and materials for potentials classes and workshops within the Roaster’s Guild. 

    I intend to offer the resources and facilities of a farm, mill, laboratory, and roastery in El Salvador, to the use of future Roaster’s Guild trips and experiments. 

    With many areas of experience within the industry, I believe that I can help to cast a vision for the future of the coffee industry, while providing the resources, ideas, and commitment, to help the Roaster’s Guild to continue with its goal of promoting the history, fundamentals, art, and science of coffee roasting. 

Emilio Lopez Diaz.