‘It takes two,’ hours of sunlight

    Marvin Gaye knew what he was talking about, but we doubt he was referring to sunlight. 

    Following back to back nights of rain in Santa Ana, and on Beneficio El Manzano, the skies cleared up for two solid hours this morning, providing pure sunlight from 7:00 to 9:00 am. These photos were taken the, at 9 am this morning, and visibly demonstrate how important sunlight is for the drying process of coffees on the patio.

    As the coffees of this HG batch are raked, you will notice the two different shades of color on the coffees, the darker, being the coffees that still contain a lot of external moisture, now raked to the outside of the piles, while the lighter, evidencing the coffee that had been exposed to sunlight for the previous hour, is almost completely dry on its external parchment. 

    All coffees on the patios contain internal moisture, and in reality, parchment coffee should retain an 11.5% moisture content before being roasted. Until that time however, it is best for coffees to have consistent, direct sunlight; something rainclouds and grey skies over Santa Ana make very difficult.