Meet ‘Benche’: patio supervisor, snake hunter

   His real name is Wenceslao, but folks call him "Benche;" the most kindhearted man to ever walk a coffee patio.

    Benche oversees operations on the patios at Beneficio El Manzano, however took on a different role today, tracking and killing a 'jumping viper' spotted by a guard at the de-pulping station. 

    A venemous snake, known to 'strike with greater force than any other viper,' and to be deadly; many were fearful to venture near it, after it had been killed; but Benche wasted no time, and showed no ounce of fear handling, and desposing of it. 

    *Note: Cuatro M does not in any way endorse the killing of wildlife. This is a venemous snake, that had hidden within machinery at the mill, and needed to be handled in order to keep it from harming any workers.