Happy Thanksgiving

As the pace quickens here at the mill, with more and more coffees being received every day, we wanted to take a minute to thank all the many people who have helped to encourage and support the work and new ideas happening here at Cuatro M and Beneficio El Manzano. 

    We are very excited for things in the near future. If you have not checked out the Roaster’s Guild, we recently posted a proposal for a new experimentation project, that we are doing in continuation of the El Manzano Project. 

    This new project will be titled The El Manzano Project: Second Edition, and will continue examining and documenting the variables of production and their effects on the final cup quality. Our first experiment within the Second Edition will be a look into the effects of drying methods on cup quality. 

    We will be processing one batch of coffee with the machine-washed process, but using four different drying methods to measure the effects of each, in order to determine the extent of the effects on the final cup quality. We are extremely eager to begin, and again, thank everyone for their continued support. Hope to see many of you soon, perhaps for a visit to the plantation, or for many of the upcoming events we hope to be apart of. 

    Enjoy the Holidays, and keep following our blog here. Happy Thanksgiving.