12 millimeters of rain fall in the Santa Ana region

    Following weeks of clear skies and sunshine, grey clouds and distant flashes of lightning returned to Beneficio El Manzano, dropping 12 millimeters of rain on the plantation and mill last night. 

    Seeing signs beforehand, workers were able to bag and cover most of the coffees from the patio that had been depulped more than a day before, transporting many of them to the warehouse to wait out the rains.

    Coffees remaining on the patio, were either covered with burlap sacs and black plastic, or left uncovered, due to the fact that they had either, only been depulped one day prior, or were just depulped last night. Coffees that were not covered for the rain, contain a moisture content that is still too high for the rains to pose any kind of harm to the coffees. 

    As morning dawns, grey skies are lingering and the patio shows evident signs of last nights rain, with pools of water formed on the plastic coverings that rest over several of the coffees, including those drying on the African beds; although patches of blue dot and begin to spread out across the horizon. 

    It wouldn't be milling in El Salvador, if there weren't some complexities involved along the way; but those in geography and climate, are what make El Salvador's, some of the best coffees in the world.